WordPress Packagist

This site provides a mirror of the WordPress plugin and theme directories as a Composer repository.

How do I use it?

  1. Add the repository to your composer.json
  2. Add the desired plugins and themes to your requirements using wpackagist-plugin or wpackagist-theme as the vendor name.
  3. Run $ composer.phar update
  4. Packages are installed to wp-content/plugins/ or wp-content/themes/


    "name": "acme/brilliant-wordpress-site",
    "description": "My brilliant WordPress site",
"repositories":[ { "type":"composer", "url":"http://wpackagist.org" } ],
"require": { "aws/aws-sdk-php":"*",
"wpackagist-plugin/akismet":"dev-trunk", "wpackagist-plugin/captcha":">=3.9", "wpackagist-theme/hueman":"*"
}, "autoload": { "psr-0": { "Acme": "src/" } } }

This example composer.json file adds the Wpackagist repository and includes the latest version of Akismet, at least version 3.9 of Captcha, and the latest Hueman theme along with the Amazon Web Services SDK from the main Packagist repository.

Find out more about using Composer including custom install paths.

The old vendor prefix wpackagist is now removed in favour of wpackagist-plugin.

Why use Composer?

“Composer is a tool for dependency management in PHP. It allows you to declare the dependent libraries your project needs and it will install them in your project for you.”

How does the repository work?

Known issues

Contribute or get support

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